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[Format] Read Prior to Reporting.
Please review the server rules prior to reporting a player as their actions may be permitted.

To report a player on the forums simply post a thread in this subforum using the format provided below. Please note that if you do not include or use the provided format, your report will be completely ignored. 

All reports are PRIVATE.

You are to title your thread: [Offender's name] - [Offense]
Example: Exhedral - Hacking

In your post, you are to include and fill out the following format: 

Your Name:
Offenders Name: 
Server the Offense took place: 
Brief Description of the Incident: 
Additional Words: 

Please note that we have limited staff members and cannot reply to each and every report instantaneously, hence your reports may take time to get a reply and action. Please do not contact a staff member about any reports, we will get to yours eventually.

Thank you for reporting the rule-breakers and helping to keep our network a good place to be. 


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